Saturday, December 25, 2004

Here Comes The Sun

It is easy to see why, throughout recorded history, people living in northern climes celebrate this season. After its long decline towards the southern horizon the sun is on its way north again with its promise of warmth. Celebrating our yearly cycle at Yuletide is a wonderful tradition and not exclusively secular or sacred.

I only wish that the PC, in your face, Merry Christmas bleaters, would stop trying to appropriate the Winter solstice as their own. Are you seeing this more frequently as well, rather than the quiet generosity of those who live their ethics? Whether Christian or Agnostic, Deist or Atheist, I would wish a Happy Holiday to those who's morality is based on the regard for the well being of mankind in this present life. And, to that end, let us celebrate the return of that wonderful celestial light and the renewal of life.


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