Sunday, April 30, 2006

Building a Canoe #4

Well, here is the exterior of the hull after putting on the fiberglass and epoxy. Susan inked the pattern on the hull after final sanding and before glassing. The only work left on the exterior is the final wet-sanding and varnishing, but I am going to finish the interior first.

The hull is ready to come off the forms, and am building a couple of cradles to set it on. So, I will finish the final wet-sanding and varnishing later when the interior is fiberglassed.

Yesterday went to Owl Lumber and decided on mahogany for the gunwales and teak for the decks and thwart. Seeing some of the wood there gave me ideas for another boat. I wonder what purpleheart would look like as an accent strip?

The work so far has been great fun and I'm learning a lot about woodworking. Just seeing the quality woods available is impressive and further convinces me that for great looks and function there is little that matches building something from wood or other natural materials. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Building A Canoe #3

I Finally finished stripping out the hull. Made a lot of mistakes, but next time will know how to cut and form the strips better and shape them to the complex curves at the bow and stern.

Now comes the real tedious part, the fine forming and sanding before glassing the hull. But then, that is good, relaxing, work to unwind after a day working to pay the bills.

Now am thinking about the gunwhales, seats and perhaps a Navajo pattern along the hull. Posted by Picasa