Saturday, January 28, 2006

Building a Canoe #1

I've had enough feeling grouchy about the dismal state of America, so decided to do something positive for myself. I've decided to build a 16 1/2 foot Peterborough to use on the small streams of Northern Michigan. Here are the stations set up on the strongback, ready for the rest of the work. I've gotten some Northern White Cedar and am busy ripping strips and preparing them.

It's a great way to relieve stress, though right now I have a lot of sawdust and not much to show for it. And, like anything I imagine that there will be mistakes to be made that, as the builder, I'll be the only one to notice (I hope). Still, at the end of all the work it will be nice to be able to paddle a unique cedar-strip boat.

The prospect of enjoying the nice rivers we have around the Great Lakes is one reason that the inconvenience of having to keep my car out in the cold is only minor. But then, like building the boat itself, the experience-intensive act of canoeing makes this all worth it. Posted by Picasa


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