Monday, January 24, 2005

Here's To The 22%

With the heavy snow in Chicago and the storm on the East Coast I was watching CNN and one of their polls reported that, during winter, 22% of those responding would go out and play while the remaining 78% just wanted to stay at home and keep warm. Well, it was nice spending the messy day moving the snow in the driveway and then cooking for a group of friends. But, Sunday, we went out skiing at a nice hilly park nearby. Wow! the snow was nice and crisp, the trails fast, and the exhilaration of stretching out on a sunny day was delightful. Those of you who ski, sled, snowshoe, or just plain cavort in the white stuff know the feeling. The park system that I, and that 22% of us, use for recreation is a reminder of the public good that is accomplished by a government whose mandate is to make our lives better and more enjoyable. The benefits that accrue from support of our public parks are indeed intangible, but those wonderful open spaces provide a gift for the generations.


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